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Two of the most important pipes that are part of your plumbing system include your water line and your sewage line. Even the slightest of problems with these lines can cause issues that can cause catastrophic or expensive damage to your home, including: flooding, no water in the house, or damage to your home’s foundation.

There are some common causes of major water line issues that our technicians constantly come across. These range from corrosion of the pipe, an intrusion of roots in the pipe, pressure from serious blockage, or seal breakage. You may never notice these problems until it’s too late, which is why it’s important to have a technician from Done Right Today come out to your home annually to ensure your home's water line is intact. Call Done Right Today at 302-364-0579 for 24/7 emergency repair or request water line service repair service today!

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What's the difference between water line and sewer line?

When it comes to plumbing infrastructure, two essential components are water lines and sewer lines. While they both play crucial roles in ensuring smooth operation of your plumbing system, they serve distinct purposes. Understanding the differences between water lines and sewer lines is vital for proper maintenance and troubleshooting.

  1. Water Line:
    • A water line carries clean, potable water from the municipal water supply or a private well into a building.
    • It distributes water to various fixtures such as faucets, showers, toilets, and appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.
    • Water lines are typically pressurized to ensure a steady flow of water to different parts of the building.
    • Water lines are essential for delivering fresh water for consumption, cooking, cleaning, and other household uses.
  2. Sewer Line:
    • A sewer line, on the other hand, is responsible for carrying wastewater and sewage away from the building to a treatment facility or septic tank.
    • It collects used water from drains, toilets, sinks, showers, and appliances and directs it out of the building.
    • Sewer lines typically operate by gravity, with the wastewater flowing downward to a sewer main or a septic tank.
    • Unlike water lines, sewer lines do not carry potable water. Instead, they handle wastewater containing various contaminants and organic matter.

In summary, while water lines bring clean water into a building for various uses, sewer lines remove wastewater and sewage from the building for treatment or disposal.

Think you might need sewer line repair? Learn more about our sewer line services today!

Signs of Water Line Problems

Having the water line of your home repaired or replaced is a big job. With so much labor that has to be put in, it’s important that the job gets done right the first time. However, choosing the right company to provide water line repairs can certainly be a challenging task.

At Done Right Today, our team stands by the quality workmanship and up-front pricing that does not change after you’ve been quoted. With our experience and training, we can locate a water line issue and give you the proper diagnosis of what is causing the problem and the best options to fix it.

The Done Right Difference

1. Affordable, Flat Rate Pricing

The price that you agree to up-front is the price that you will pay. There will be no surprise fees and no last-minute changes. We also post coupons and special offers on our website to make it a little more comfortable to pay for the work that you need.

2. No Extra Charge for Nights and Weekend Service

We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, and unlike other plumbers, we will not raise our prices if you need help late at night or on the weekend. After all, you didn’t choose the time of your plumbing emergency, so why should you have to pay more?

3. Quality Installations

Our work is always top-notch. All of our installations are performed by a knowledgeable plumber, and we use only the best products on the market. You can rest assured that any new fixture, appliance or component that we install in your home will function well for years to come.

4. The Longest Warranties in the Industry

We are confident in the quality services that our expert technicians provide. That is why we offer low-cost, three-year warranties for all of our plumbing installations and repairs. If you have any trouble with our work, then we will come out and fix it at no additional charge.

5. Always Considerate of Your Home

Our kind and courteous technicians will treat your home like their own. Unlike other plumbers, we are respectful of your property and won’t leave a mess for you to clean up after the work is done. Your home will be just as neat and tidy as when we first arrived.

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